Another 100 books everyone must have read

The original list of 100 books that I aver everyone must have read if they want to be thought cultured and well-read did stir up some debate, a lot of it polemical too. But I stand by my choices, even though I do admit there were some worthy tomes I missed…. You can read the first installment here : and go forward till you hit the next part, or search for it.

Meanwhile, I had promised a supplementary list, and also some information about the books I selected for readers not familiar with my most eclectic list. Since I have not been able to do the second, I may as well as do the first….

Another reason for the supplementary was a spirited discussion on the second day of the year with a colleague who questioned the inclusion of certain works and sought to protest the absence of some more – most of them questionable, if not outright ludicrous. As I said above, I admitted there were some omissions and the deficiency can be remedied here…

It took some dogged work, to frame up the first part of the list which was almost done on that day itself save for a half a dozen odd entries but yesterday too (the third day of the year), I had absolutely no time to complete the list despite having the missing volumes in mind… well, to cut it short, its now done.

Before I reveal the list, two or so things need to be said. First of all the books are not in any order of ranking or classification, which makes for some rather interesting sets of neighbours. Then in an effort to make a wide selection as possible, I have limited myself to one per author despite… weel at least in this half, there may be some who return in the second half but I have no justification for ignoring them…… Secondly, there were some titles that were quite long and I have just used their first part in the list and they are marked with this * symbol- the remaining part can be found after the list….

Happy reading and see how many you have gone through….

1. *An Utterly Impartial History of Britain- John O’Farrell
2. Fasana-e-Ajaib                                             – Mirza Rajab Ali Beg Suroor
3. Ecce Homo                                                     – F.W. Nietzsche
4. The Comedians                                             – Graham Greene
5. Ghost Train To The Eastern Star            – Paul Theroux
6. *Empires of the Word                                   – Nicholas Ostler
7. The Katha Upanishad
8. Love Songs from a Shallow Grave           – Colin Cotterill
9. A Case of Two Cities                                       – Qiu Xiaolong
10. Labyrinths                                                       – Jorge Luis Borges
11. Urdu ki Aakhri Kitab                                    – Ibn-e-Insha
12. Back to Bologna                                             – Michael Dibdin
13. *How to Win a Cosmic War                          – Reza Aslan
14. In Patagonia                                                    – Bruce Chatwin
15. No One Loves A Policeman                       – Guillermo Orsi
16. 1984                                                                    – George Orwell
17. How to Travel with a Salmon & Other Essays – Umberto Eco
18. Globalisation, Democracy and Terrorism   – Eric Hobsbawm
19. Buried in Books: A Readers Anthology   – Julie Rugg
20. A Passion for Killing                                      – Barbara Nadel
21. Oblomov                                                             – Ivan Goncharov
22. Sikandar Nama e Bara                                    – Nizami
23. The Big Knockover                                          – Dashiell Hammett
24. Hail, Hail the Gang’s All Here                      – Ed McBain
25. *Armies of God                                                   – Dominic Green
26. Notes from a Small Island                            – Bill Bryson
27. *In Search of Zarathustra                               – Paul Kriwaczek                     
28. The Goat, the Sofa and Mr Swami              – R. Chandrasekhar
29. Godiva                                                                  – Nerys Jones
30. *Memoir of a Thinking Radish                     – Peter Medawar
31. The Turkish Gambit                                        – Boris Akunin
32. Coward at the Bridge                                     – James Delingpole
33. Honeymoon in Tehran                                  – Azadeh Moaveni
34. Forgotten                                                           – Bilkees I.Latif
35. Eastern Religions and Western Thought  – S. Radhakrishnan
36. *A Carpet Ride to Khiva                                – Christopher Aslan Alexander
37.The Complete Prose                                         – Woody Allen
38. Ka                                                                            – Roberto Calasso
39.  The Ode Less Travelled                                 – Stephen Fry
40. Cocktail Time                                                     – P.G.Wodehouse
41. Tales from the Kathasaritsagara                – Somadeva
42. Eating India : Exploring a Nation’s Cuisine- Chitrita Banerji
43. Something Rotten                                         – Jasper Fforde
44. Kai Chand the Sar Asmaan                        – Shamsur Rehman Farooqui
45. Darya-e-Latafat                                             – Syed Insha Allah Khan
46. The Truth                                                         – Terry Pratchett
47. August Heat                                                    – Andrea Camilleri
48*. Falling off the Edge                                       – Alex Perry
49. War Games                                                       – Linda Polman
50. The Chattering Courtesan                         – Lucian 

*1 ~  – Or 2000 Years of Upper Class Idiots In Charge
*6 ~  :A Language History of the World
*13~: God, Globalization, and the End of the War on Terror
*25~: Islam and Empire on the Nile, 1869-1899
*27~: : Across Iran and Central Asia to Find the World’s First Prophet
*30~: An Autobiography
*36~: Seven Years on the Silk Road
*48~: Globalization, World Peace and Other Lies


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