About the weather again

I have been told that I am one of the original contrarians in the sense what I aspire to or want is the marked opposite of what others – the majority of (the word not used is “sane”) people would want. However, I will just say that a majority is not an infallible guide – and specially in these post-modern times we unfortunately find ourselves living in… but nothing can be done about either.

One of the issues I come in conflict with the great masses is my choice of weather. I might have said earlier, but I well do again that I cannot understand what people see in bright sunshine and clear skies. I possess a temperamental antipathy to this and admit to a temperamental affinity over snowstorms, sleet, hail, torrential rains, dark overcast skies, chilly winds…. well you get the idea, I hope.

For the past few days, I was enjoying the chill weather immensely and wondering why people made such a fuss about it – coming out wrapped like Christmas presents and rubbing their hands so much vigourously and above all, the ceaseless complaints. For me, it was most pleasant weather that made feel younger (and boy, that has to be something). I enjoyed the sensation when I lay on my thin mattress (placed on the floor) prior to sleeping, the sudden thrill like sensation when you got up and placed your bare floot on the tiled floor and above all, the joy of a cold water bath….. you wrapped-up wonders don’t know what you are missing. I really dont like wearing things like woollen scarfs, socks or gloves when you get the exciting sensation of the cool wind on your face….

I had intended to write about this a couple of days or so earlier but unfortunately had no time and then for a day, the weather changed to the one preferred by the majority and I thought it was too late but then God be praised and the night before the last (January 8, 2011), another of my favourite weather phenomenon was there – fog. Though it was not a traditional “pea-souper” as found in fortunate places around the world, it was thick enough for me to be pleased.

There is something attractive, even alluring, over mist swirling over familiar areas and landmarks and making them unrecognisable. I particularly like to walk through it, through deserted roads, and relish the silence and loneliness in it and how the tricks it plays on vision and hearing…. Looming out of the fog, or disappearing into it are among my favourite ways of making an entrance/exit….. I think I am more of a pagan than I think.

However, most sadly, similar conditions were absent last night but I have hopes – high hopes – that they will return soon this season.

Meanwhile, the cold continues – the icy breeze persists through the day – and I am most content….. Lets hope it continues as much as possible


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  1. Posted by Harsh Bther on August 23, 2012 at 05:34

    Jab khali kha fakta udaya karte the


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