An explanation…..

For the few last days, some of my regular visitors might have observed the incidence of new posts here is not very regular – its all my fault. As I myself confess, I can be a man of extremes and there is something which is occupying my attention currently…. and leave alone this venture which was a repository of my time and attention for over an year now. Those who know me well (and there are a few!!) will understand the gravity of the situation when I reveal that there is only book and I have finished in the last week, despite having a dozen stashed all over my lodgings.

No, thank you, I’m not ill – its just that a new appliance that I thought will help write more and more, has actually offered me the prospect of indulging in a pastime I was starved off for quite long except on some trips to home. What this is, will be revealed soon in the fullness of time. It will only suffice to say that I am trying to conquer the urge to acquaint myself with things I haven’t heard for years (in some cases, the length of which is more than the lifespan of some people I know) or things I have heard or not seen…’

The whole point is that I will soon be back to complete many series I have begun, initiate a few others which I have promised you and to bring a few you could have never expected… that is my solemn promise to you

But anyway,


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