Interesting place names….. A nostalgic trip through Lucknow IX

This is from a series I have not been able to get back to for months altogether – a check reveals the last installment in the series – the eight – was done on May 4 last year, when I was telling you about how I entered Bazar Khala from the Naka side…

I still remember that sense of exhilaration as I rode over the flyover and on descent, saw the Aishbagh chauki (not to mention the office of the kshetraadhikari – that is the Circle Officer or the CO) on my left and continued on the long, winding road and found the thana itself when I hit the Victoria Street and turned right. So that was one chauki and the thana found and it was time to find the other two chaukis.

And now I continue… after the thana, I made some enquiries and finding the correct turn, plunged into the rabbit warren of narrow streets on the left side of the Victoria Street (if you faced towards the direction of Chauk, that is) and cycled on merrily towards the Tikait Rai ka Talab. I did not have the pleasure of finding it exactly (or for that matter, to this day, I still don’t know if it exists) but soon enough I had come across the Tikaitganj chauki. Two down… I continued on for some more minutes but then realising that the shadows were lengthening and I had more to accomplish, I returned to Victoria Street and turned right and went on….

As I pedalled on, the crowds began decreasing and there were long stretches beneath the tree-shaded road when I saw no one… but imbued with the enthusiasm of youth and the zeal of my mission, I gamely continued and went pass the Eveready factory and other sundry industrial units to finally find the Mill Area chauki  – the third one.

Then I stopped and thought about which direction should I take – should I ride into the sprawling Talkatora or return through the way I came. On mature reflection, I decided it would be better to plump for the first option as it was uncertain when I would return to the area. So on I went through the deepening dusk, exulting slightly when I passed the mill and found its correct name was Sri Vikram Cotton Mills.

Well,  not to put too fine a point on it, Talkatora was boring… I found the thana and if I recall correctly, it was in the middle in a row of houses facing a wilderness – well, what seemed to be a weed-grown wilderness and since I viewed it in moonlight, I cannot be sure and then I have never returned to the area again. The rest was all non-descript colonies, especially Rajajipuram – which occupied most of the area of the police station area. One more vignette that suddenly comes into my mind is cycling in the night, past an establishment, of the railway police, I think next to a huge tree near a railway crossing – and then – well I hope my memory is not playing tricks on me, I do recall I came out somewhere near the Chander Market in Alambagh, on the Lucknow-Kanpur highway (NH 78, in case you wanted to know) and then it was back through Alambagh, Mawaiyya, and Clay Square to Charbagh and through Hussainganj and Hazratganj to back home… in all a good day’s work – even if I do say it myself.

Next will be – well lets leave it as a surprise and come to another aspect.

As I was writing this, a stray thought came into my mind and slowly gre in intensity. Why is it that memories of these events of half a lifetime away are still so vivid for me and I can write about them in such detail (well, perhaps not in this installment). The answer is simple – these are events of a time in my life when I was free – in most senses of the word. There was not to much to care or fear about(apart from the impending boards), there was nobody’s behaviour to puzzle over, I did not need anybody’s company or contact over much and was doing something – exploration – which I enjoyed. It was indeed a time of bliss. But events in the end of 1993 would set a course – well I will discuss this elsewhere….

I will soon return with a new area …

To be continued….


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  1. Posted by vikas on February 7, 2011 at 17:08

    dear sir,
    i liked the discription you did about your ride via vikram cotton mill.
    would like to talk to you. if ok please message me your mobile number.


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