Continuing travails with growing unreads….. and an observation on current literary choices

A few days ago, I had shared with you my distress at the state of affairs, insofar that a couple of new pursuits had robbed me of time for two of my most favourite pursuits – reading and adding more and more posts here.

In fact, I had given you a list of books I had at my side, but had been unable to finish – in respect of those I had started, while there were many which I had to begin (Oh Horror!). I had given you a list which can be seen here:

However, since then, I have been making some progress. I have been switching around a born comic’s memorable travels around England and on America’s Appalachian Trail alternatively – I allude to Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island and A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail, while I read a lot through Jasper Kent’s darkly magnificent tale of the 1812 Russo-French War with a supernatural twist, called 12.

Well, I don’t want to give too much away about it but I can just say that anyone ….I do refer to that considerable section of the irritatingly young generation that is currently so fixated with the ilk of a certain notorious  Transylavanian nobleman and goes into ridiculous swoons over the number of stupid series currently available…. of this section, who reads Kent’s book, would undergo a considerable and speedy rethink about the object of their stupid fascinations…. I must though underscore that I have striven very hard and earnestly to be balanced in my opinion.

However, here I must also reveal that I have not been able to make further headway in the book, since I was slightly queasy about reading it at the time I get back home, given a perfectly understandable and rational decision to prevent the content seeping into the unconsciousness and giving me nightmares…ummm, well more lurid then the ones I am currently afflicted by.

However, this restraint – masterly, if I may so term it, did not stand in the way of my acquiring its sequel, perfectly called Thirteen Years Later.

And that is a problem… for apart from this sequel, in recent days, I have managed to acquire The Tomb in Seville – Noman Lewis’ master account of a journey in Spain in the shadow of the coming Civil War, a book I cannot tell you about though I was quite interested in it as soon as I saw it, the renowned historical novelist Paul Doherty’s The Templar Magician – set in 12th century Palestine and Europe…. I am a sucker for whodunits, espcially they are historical and in this case the victim is Raymond, the Count of Tripoli and there are enough interesting subplots and conspiracies to keep a paranoid happy – the Templars, the Assassins, dynastic struggles in far-off England…. Interestingly, it is the second novel set in Crusader Palestine or more correctly, Outremer I have read in the last few days. The first was Holy War by Angus Donald, an interesting account of Robin Hood from the viewpoint of his ministrel. (And yes, I finished it…. in one night to be exact, so there!! (like the Ustaad says)).

And then on my last visit to a bookshop I frequent, I found Homman Majd’s The Ayatollah’s Democracy: An Iranian Challenge…. a book I had been searching for quite some time. Without any compunction to its cost….ooops, I hope my parents are not reading this, I acquired it….

The only issue is that now the number of unread books with me is reaching the two dozen mark…. However, all is not lost. Last night (Feb 6), I managed to get through a third of Doherty’s book before succumbing to sleep. As I said, if the number of pending volumes is not reduced by a third atleast this month, it will mean some serious action is well necessitated.


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