VVP – A True Cult Hero

People of this country, and specially some of its parts down there, do – for some strange, inexplicable reason – get quite impressed over the supposed antics of an aging, balding filmstar, whose actions on-screen, defy the laws of nature, logic, and probability – at least and endlessly circulate the list of such “superpower” acts as running gags.

But there is a man, who can quite justificably – in my considered opinion – lay claim to be capable of performing such acts, and even more superlative feats. Who, you may ask?

By now, you should know me and that there is a slim possibility that I will give you the answer just like that. So read on through what follows and you will get the answer after some background, where I will drop some hints.

I happened to recently read a thriller dealing with a case of espionage in East Germany just prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall (though no one knew it then)and was quite impressed to find an otherwise unknown KGB half-colonel posted in Dresden playing a major role in the plot…..

Well, this officer was largely unknown then but within a decade, he was quite famous on being propelled into a position -which admittedly had declined from the power it once enjoyed but was still significant – and ten years down the line, he had brought it back quite near its original position. He happens to be Владимир Владимирович Путин, or as you will understand, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. (See you have got the answer, and quite sooner than you might have expected).

Some time after the halfway mark of his tenure as President of Russia and lasting well into his term as the Prime Minister, Putin cultivated a macho image – well, more macho, given he was already a sixth dan judoka, well accustomed to flying in fighter planes and travelling in submarines, collecting skin samples of great white whales, and saving a media team by shooting tranquiliser darts into a charging tiger… This how a leading British newspaper reported the incident….

A macho Vladimir Putin was lauded by Russian media for supposedly saving a TV crew from a grisly death at the jaws of a Siberian tiger

By Our Foreign Staff 11:21PM BST 31 Aug 2008

The Russian prime minister was visiting the Ussuri reserve in Siberia, observing how researchers monitor the tigers in the wild, when a trapped beast escaped and charged towards a nearby camera crew.

Mr Putin apparently quickly shot the beast and sedated it with a tranquilizer gun.

“Vladimir Putin not only managed to see the giant predator up close but also saved our television crew too,” a presenter on Rossiya television said at the start of the main evening news.

Footage of the former KGB spy, who cultivated a macho image during his eight years as the Kremlin chief, showed him striding through the taiga in camouflage and desert boots before grappling with the tiger.

Mr Putin helped measure the Amur tiger’s incisors before placing a satellite transmitter around the neck of the beast, which can weigh up to 450 kg.

Can you visualise any other world leader doing any of this?

No wonder they say……

When Putin was little, he broke a cup. The spilled water turned into oceans and the splinters became continents.

Putin once built a fully functional MIG when he was 5, and proceeded to shoot down 16 American spy planes.

A spoon that Putin ate from can heal cataracts and glaucoma. A fork that Putin ate from can slay a vampire with one stab.

Putin can speak with animals.

If Putin walks in the forest at night and wants to take a nap, bears come to serve as blankets while he sleeps.

To be continued….. soon


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