Another explanation…..

Regular visitors here might have noticed the lack of fresh content here over the last five days – in fact, since this month began. I assure you this is not deliberate….. And it is common decency that I should provide explanation for this state of affairs (well bearing in mind – in the words of the legendary Dr Lancelot Spratt – that an explanation is not an excuse.

First I was out, on a brief trip home, and there, there were some objective conditions that prevented me from giving this the attention it deserves to create something you would like to read. And now that I am back, there are further distractions (if I may call them that) which keep me from translating into words several ideas and thoughts I have had, and am desirous of sharing with you. This is a delivery of some books I had ordered online – and contains many I had been searching for long. And now I have got them… (and am hugging myself in delight – not to mention curled up with them in all my spare time).

Who but the most obdurately stony-hearted and inhuman of you would begrudge me the chance to read (and savour) Barbara Cleverly’s engrossing whodunits set in British India of the 1920s ¬†featuring Commander Joe Sandilands, Alan Furst’s captivating thrillers set in various parts of Europe in the run-up and the early parts of World War II (presently the intriguing Spies of the Balkans), Donna Leon’s moody Commisario Brunneti in a case featuring the glamourous Signorina Elletra, and finally, the charming Anne Fadiman’s spectacularly magnificent collection of essays on books, reading and language?

And once they are done, I shall certainly return here with redoubled vigour. That’s a promise.


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