The rationale for murderous sprees understood…

I think I have understood what drives perfectly sane and composed people to lose control and indulge in an indiscriminate orgy of cold-blooded killing – there are situations beyond any reasonable man’s endurance. It is a measure of my self-contol that I am merely writing about it rather than taking more direct action – but there are those like me in whom the ethos of civilised behaviour is more deeply imbued.

The situation over the last two days at the place of work serve as good examples – one would expect it, given the line of work being pursued, to be a site of vibrant and informed discussion or witty banter, but it turned out to be the opposite.

The first day was no doubt bad with two people to be counted on – in the absence of anything else – not there and a gaggle of the others at their meal. Thankfully they were not very voluble – a state of affairs they never can avoid being what they are – but it was quite toned down except the childish exultations. Thankfully, a screen prevented me from seeing it – and thus I am not bound to describe it (In any case, it would require someone of the calibre of Ernest Hemingway, or perhaps, Negley Farson to do the scene justice with their brutally honest words ….. and I dare say thay would have been taxed). The rest of the day was a miscellany of a superior warbling away and two others of the ilk essaying their persona of giggling, gawking teenagers – which to be fair, they are in spirit still and so they were playing true to type.

But this day (June 11) was the hardest to endure – and I have seen my share of harrowing times in the past few years. Immediately after the egress, the coven was again in session. It is inexplicable why some people persist in inflicting their high-pitched and grating voice fortissimo on all, while others choose to express their mirth in the way usually attributed seen in the members of the family Hyeanidae rather than the human race. It is most unfortunate these two wonders should do at the same time, and be backed by an orchestra of other excited accomplices – making those hapless ones caught in the cacophony to dream of mortars and grenades…. or cotton-wool, thick wads stuffed in the auditory apparatus at least. Consider yourself subjected to this discordant, high-pitched onslaught as these unoblivious ones discuss a raft of useless subjects like low-culture motion pictures with an unneeded vehemence that only shows their misguided priorities in life and their utter lack of fitn….. but then I shouldn’t say more.

If this was the only misery to be endured, then one could still do something for it lasts only sometime, never mind how nerve-wracking is it. But there is more. In close proximity (and thus causing a deletrious affect) is another clique of chatterboxes who are determined to mark every moment of the time they spend on the premises in diligently exercising their vocal chords. They are usually not that loud as the first wrecking crew but their persistent drone – half of the time spent in discussing what they would like to eat – is also not conducive to peaceful deliberations and work…..

If this all was not enough, there is another squad, halfway across the room, who seem to have no other purpose in their lives but to break into fits of unseemly giggles or for two to exchange mock threats – apart from the time they assemble in a file of gilded popinjays and flit in or out…

So far, it has been a test of my iron self-control and whimsical day-dreams of being a Mongol khan, and having a band of determined (and silent) cavalrymen to do one’s bidding…… or some other equivalent from our glorious history. Maybe, some day…….. till then one can just wish to retain sanity and control.


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