The power of a look

(An explanation for the long, unexplained absence will be made elsewhere – here I must write something before it vanishes from my consciousness)

The realm of human experience, memory and reaction is most fascinating….. What can trigger of  a most intense feeling at a given time due to a given set of circumstances is most singular – and the impetus may from something familiar, but not have raised the same sentiments at an earlier point in time…. I can go on and on in this vein but I feel its time to move from the theoretical to the empirical.

It actually happened when the strains of an old favourite song suddenly came into my mind this morning (of September 5, 2011, and I decided to view it.  It was from old film called CI….well, the name is not very relevant….. and it began, with this character opening the door and letting in a vaguely sinister seeking man….. but as she does, that unforgettable and heart-affecting look on her face…. (I will not mention the name of that incomparable and spectacular performer essaying the role – serves you right for having an insufficient power of paying attention to detail and poor recall) .

As I was saying, it was the look that absolutely transfixed me – I had to see it again twice at least before I could even think of tearing my eyes away. It was a look that in a mere fraction of a second spoke volumes – invitation, welcome, companionship, not to mention the whiff of an endearing wistfulness — in short, all the sentiments that I haven’t seen in decades (and even before that, I cannot be sure).  Whatever the reasons may be, is an issue not germane or relevant at this place or point in time but I must confess I do miss it and wonder when will it be bestowed on me next…. if ever.

I reiterate that it may be an happening that may have just lasted a fraction of a second (most major happenings are) but the import it had can be gauged from the effect it had on me and the time I have given to trying to put it into words.

I would have – after that brief interlude in the morning – forgotten it but for three things – in short, in a chance remark made by an old friend (who is one of those few still conscious of my existence), a book of Alan Furst (an author appealing to me because of the times he writes about and the atmosphere that characterises his principal protagonists….. heroes would not be a very appropriate word) I am currently reading and the one I finished last week and also one of Olen Steinhauer (with the one key motif he introduces in drawing his character, and the way it is reprised) and a another chance non sequitur in a char with the “Ustaad” – but then these are strands of which many artifices are constructed.

More about Alan Furst after that tantalising (as it appears to me)  but brief introduction will come soon….. and if you, dear reader, have a sensation of a headache after reading the above, rather surrealistic account, I consider my work done and purpose accomplished. Good Day!


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