The 36th Bde Day…. Some thoughts and resolutions

For the last two years, this particular post comes on by the end of the Bde Day itself, but this time, I decided to be more circumspect. It is  now, the fourth day following, when somebody asked me how it went, that I decided to put down some thoughts about the day and what it taught me….

As I had already posted a few days ago, I had anticipated a washout on several accounts but the results were beyond expectations.

A most positive development on the day before was the delivery of an eagerly awaited book – the ultimate part of a three-volume biography of President Theodore Roosevelt. (I had been in a dilemma on which one to get first, and as usual, I consulted the Ustaad, who with impeccable and faultless logic, made the decision for me.)

As planned, I made an early exit from the office on the eve  and was in position at home, ten minutes to midnight with all in readiness.  As the midnight chimes rang, I treated myself to chocolate cake and brandy, while the joyous strains of a rendition of the Radzetsky March, (conducted by Karajan, no less) rang out. It was then a couple of congratulory messages popped in and some were posted on my Facebook page. I meanwhile viewed some of my favourite music (on Youtube, hence the incongruous-seeming verb used, nit-pickers!) and seeing it came to a symbolic 13! Among these was a re-discovered favourite – the Mehtar Band of the bugone Ottoman era!

However, there happened to be a big day ahead and after partying alone as much as possible (and feasible), I settled down with the sixth installment of Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series (ordered earlier, but kept safely for the occasion).

I woke at a proper time on the morning of the 13th, and after the customary activities, made myself a cup of tea (courtesy the electric kettle gifted by my mother), while attending to calls from my mother, my nephew and sister, and then the rest of the family bar my father) and getting dressed.

In the meantime, there were a couple or so more text messages and a host on FB. However, there were no calls, except one from a long-lost friend, currently in the US.

However, seeing I was getting late, I hastened to leave for the next part of my plan after a couple of necessary purchases on the way. Reaching the assigned place, I made a reservation at the restaurant chosen for the feast and then plunged into the bookshop next door, where I was surprised to find that the sale was still on…. Finding some more desirable acquisitions took time  and needless to say, I was unable to decide in the assigned time (till 1400 hours) and then leaving the selected cache safe, I went in to lunch.

In the middle of the time here, I saw two missed calls – from a relative and my father – and then a text message from the former. Attempts to recall them were partly successful, and I only managed to speak to my father.

After some preliminaries and a spot of further indecision regarding the food, I settled down to a sumptuous repast of various salads, teppanyaki, dim sums and the lovely sushi…. ohhhh… and sashimi accompanied with a glass or two (actually three or four of chilled sangria). Repeated sorties for salad, sushi and so on left me sooo full that I had not much place left for the main course, (which I had already established was nowhere as interesting) but for form’s sake, I managed some. Then it was an array of sinfully tempting desserts of which I found myself compelled to taste several, as a sacred duty.

Settling accounts then, and finding a slight more expense then catered for, I went back to the bookshop to conclude my deals and then, left hot-foot for office, which had already been intimated that I would be somewhat late in showing up.

There were a number of some more messages, and some used chatting to wish me. But there were just two more calls – one from a related relative of one cited above in the early evening, and then by an other old friend later, in the night but no other.

Messages on FB kept on coming in, but there was nothing from key three – from whom I was awaiting greetings in my heart of hearts despite a nagging suspicion that they would not – and was I proved right!

Since nobody at the workplace knew or suspected – or as I think even cared, it was an uneventful time and then back home – which was well after midnight, thus scuppering plans to mark it too. The only eventful thing apart from the night time call, was text messages from a friend I had thought lost, and an associate.

It was the next day that a few more messages came, and finally on the three mentioned above, used the chat to wish me and seek to explain the reason….

To be continued…. inevitably!


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