Wrapping up the year #1: The 2012 resolutions (and their fate)

Regular – a post a day at least – blogging was one of my resolutions for 2012, but even a most cursory glance at the frequency of posts here during the year will indicate how much it was observed.

The other resolutions do not seem to have fared much better. So as 2012 winds to a close, let us see how what headway (or lack thereof)  I made in them.

#1 Kam se kam ek hazaar nayi kitabein padhna (to read at least 1000 new books) – Well, this was one of the resolutions I pursued to the best of my ability, despite early realisation that reading 2.3 books a day was a tall task even for me. Even if I somehow scrounged the time and utilised all my speed reading and instant comprehension skills to the maximum, finding and acquiring that number of books I would like was going to be a tall task. As I write this on Christmas Day, my current tally stands at 308, I have five books in hand and one or two more are expected. Add to this, the 100 odd Urdu books or so I have read, I feel I will achieve a respectable total even if it is less than 50 percent of the goal.

#2 Apni zabaan ke ilm ko aur durust karna, us mein itni nafasat aur shaistagi laana ke us maqaam par pahunche jo Sharar aur Sarshar ke ahd mein thi,  agar Suroor ke nahi (to better my knowledge of the language, and to achieve such grace and refinement as to approach the lofty heights as in the era of Sharar and Sarshar, if not Suroor)Well, I think this was one of the success stories of the year, even though if I could not get many people to understand.

#3 Blog par har din ek post karna, aur posts ki maujuda tadaad ko kam se kam dugna karna (a blog post a day minimum, so as to double the number of the existing entries)I have dealt with this issue above. While sloth and indolence played their role, the pressure of work, the spells of frantic activity, the sojourns at home and various other factors did play a role as well.

#4 Dabistan-e-Lakhnau ki alam-bardaari ko imandari se nibhana (to honestly discharge duty of a standard-bearer of Lakhnavi ethos and culture) – Performed to the best of my ability, save insofar as it involved writing about it here regularly (see 3 above)

#5 Har hafte mein kam se kam do tarjume karna (to do two translations a week) – Again found lacking (see 3 above)

#6 Mashiyaat mamlaat ko hikmat aur aql se sambhalna ke company khasaare mein na jaaye (to be wiser in financial matters so as to prevent deficit situations) -Well, most of us can’t do that even if we were Croesus and with some lucrative pursuits coming to close…. No further comments.

#7 Taaluqaat vo hi nibhayi jaayi jis mein amad-o-raft, ittehad aur aitbaar ho. Tajurbe se seekha hai jis mein mutabadil hone ka amal na ho, uska koi fayda nahi hai (to maintain only those links where there is reciprocity, understanding and trust.. ) – Well, to be honest, made the same mistakes as ever most of the year – despite enough signals to haul in a whole fleet – till the second-last month when two outrages demonstrated that it was a futile effort to keep faith with those who couldn’t care less.

#8 Ek musannif banne ka apna iraada pura karna – No comments

#9 Aur machhi aur samundar ki mukhtalif paidawar, khaaskar tuna, khana (To eat more fish and produce of sea, especially tuna)Done to quite some extent

#10 Kam se kam do nayi zabanen seekhna (to learn at least two new languages)  – Another pious hope that remained unfulfilled.

#11 Koshish karni ke sherwani pehnne ka muqaddas mauqa aaye – The less said about this the better. On the positive side… but let us keep fingers crossed.
And no, I will not elaborate.

#12 Safar pe ja ke kuch naye manzar dekhna (to travel and see new sights)Fulfilled to quite some extent, with travels to the neighbouring continent, and some of its verdant areas and some parched ones, as well a delightful beach and a historic and atmospheric port. Later in the year, trip to the deep south and seeing the same ocean from the other side.

#13 Agle saal aisa mushkil aur pechida kaam pehle se hi shuru karna, aur aakhri waqt ke liye na rakhna (self-explanatory) – Another one that is going to be observed in the breach…..

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  1. Posted by AM on January 1, 2013 at 05:07

    That resolution #11 was going to be difficult to observe was prophesied about 10 mins after the blog was put up early in 2012. Ah, the sweet smell of success….


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