Goodbye 2012….

Time, a useful fiction to explain why everything doesn’t happen all at once. Or maybe we’re the fiction, moving minute by minute while like a wind crying endlessly through some vast universe, the same inexorable time carries away all our ephemeral names and deeds. And all that we were, all that remains is in the memories of those who cared we came this way briefly….. As 2012 drew to a close, I sought to put down some thoughts about the year it was but then there was rather bittersweet realisation how we spend so much time trying to justify ourselves to the shadows of those who are long gone. And even if they were still around, would they remember? Would they recall what they had said or done that made you spend the rest of your life proving yourself? And if you could go back, wouldn’t you learn that you were always the master of your fate?

And if you learned that great truth, wouldn’t it free you of a useless burden. A dead weight  from a phantom reality? What more can I say about 2012. Meeting and making great friends, spending times that you never wish would end … and somehow never do as they always stay in the memory, some moments of dread and helplessness you wish will never come again and many others you fervently wish that had never arisen  or you could have dealt with more ably and differently. Friends you come across suddenly. others you make the same way, and are with you while yet there are others who you keep waiting for, waiting for in your happiest, saddest and tense times….waiting for them to make the slightest gesture till you figure the doctrine of assymetrical  reciprocity is most noble but doesn’t work…. But then that is life and one must learn to leave the past and all those who will stay there in that the same dark vale and move ahead with those who will ahead on the difficult but existing path to broad, sunlit uplands…. ( I realise that is my Churchillian streak surfacing… must be the brandy and cigars)

On the whole, it was an interesting year – full of great moment and promise, endless work and fun times, periods of intense drudgery and frenzied activity, routine journeys and unexpected travels, some great books (that I will always remember) , intense and insightful realisations of my purpose in life – moments of excitable revolt against it and periods of calm resignation…. Well, best is to remember is a jest and act accordingly…. the rest is unseen.

I think that is enough babble….. Looking forward to an intense, meaningful and interesting 2013 and a resolute passage across across it with my amour propre intact in the proper armour (I think it is time to end any discourse when you begin to make dreadfully silly puns). So goodbye 2012


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  1. Posted by AM on January 1, 2013 at 05:03

    Great intro. Kahaan se churaya?


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