The Most Solemn Resolutions for 2013

Making resolutions for the orderly conduct of life is a mark of us few of wisdom and discernment. They may not survive the first contact with a most capricious and uncertain life but that is certainly no reason to stop planning.

I have already written about the 2012 resolutions and how they fared but that is all gone now…  now it is time to make the ones for 2013 too, and strive to solemnly implement them to the best of my ability.

Here goes…

#1 Read as many books as I can… and if I can achieve the target of 999 that I aspired to in 2012, it will be worth it.

#2 As part of #1, strive to finish all the available parts of the various exemplary series I am reading – Michael Pearce’s Mamur Zapt series,  James R Benn’s Billy Boyle series, Michael Genelin’s Commander Jana Matinova series, Barbara Cleverly’s Joe Sandilands series, Barbara Nadel’s Cetin Ikmen + Mehmet Suleyman series, Henry Chang’s D I Jack Yu series, the next installments in Jasper Fforde’s Thursday Next series, Amdrea Camilleri’s Inspector Montalbano series, David Downing’s ‘Stations’ series and all other such as may come to notice…

#3 Pay more attention to my blog, strive for one post a day, aim to reach 1000 posts as soon as possible.

#4 Make all efforts to become a Badass Moustache With Mangst, a Deadpan Snarker, The Snark Knight in Sour Armour, the Tower, a Renaissance Polymath, a Seeker (Combined Archtypes), the Mysterious Watcher, a Grant/TR-Style Determinator, a Bunny-Ears Lawyer (to some extent) and all other tropes as may seem appropriate…

#5  Keep up the efforts to acquaint the world with the glories of Urdu adab, Dabistan-e-Lakhnau aur baqi sab maamle jo in se vabasta ho.

#6 Strive to maintain the quality of language in both English (Toff-level) and Urdu and become a high-level Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness Practioner.

#7 Try as much to stop being an Unfortunate Lancer, a Dogged Nice Guy, a DCA Addict, a Hikikomori, a Leeroy Jenkins, a Martyr Without Cause or any such kind, even a Yandere.

#8  Keep up – the extent possible – the noble activity of trope-spotting and slotting, and even creation.

#9 Read as much as possible about my heroes – U S Grant, Sherman, Phil Sheridan, Baron Mannerheim, and tell the unknowing world about them.

#10 Keep all efforts to maintain fiscal prudence…. Kampani kabhi khasaare mein nahi jaani chahiye…

#11 Make all necessary attempts to be able to sing Alfred P Doolittle’s signature song this year… If nothing else works out, work on achieving Abstract Apotheosis status

#12 Write a book or two.

#13 Learn at least two new languages, and polish up command of at least two existing ones….

And that is it….


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Pooja Shah on January 28, 2013 at 07:59

    most laudable. In bocca al lupo! 🙂
    which 2 languages were you thinking of learning?


  2. I learnt long ago the futility of resolves, being weak that is to say. Then I made a resolve that proves to this day that I am not so weak after all. it was. “Taubah meri Taubah kabhi taubah na karen ge”


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